Mystery haunts family as murder accused is freed

MURDER victim Helen Gorrie's family have been left in tears after the man jailed for killing her walked free.

The sister of Helen, who was 15 when she was murdered in 1992, broke down after hearing John Corcoran's conviction had been overturned by the Court of Appeal.

Deborah Gorrie, who wasn't even aware the case was being heard, said the family was now left wondering if Helen's killer would ever be caught.

Mr Corcoran, 32, was jailed in December 1999 for the brutal killing of the 15-year-old in Horndean more than 10 years ago.

But yesterday he walked free after three appeal judges decided his conviction was unsafe.

They said the original trial judge failed to tell the jury that three prosecution witnesses' testimony was not reliable.

During the trial each of the three had changed their mind in the witness box about whether Corcoran had stayed with them while they were stealing a wheel from a car.

The semi-naked body of Helen was discovered in bushes outside Merchistoun Hall in August 1992. She had been strangled.

Corcoran was charged with the murder in October 1998 and was jailed for life a year later.