Named charity is up-to-date with accounts

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A CHARITY named by a watchdog for sending in accounts late is now completely up-to-date.

The Tom Prince Cancer Trust was among dozens of organisations listed by the government’s Charity Commission for failing to send in information about their finances.

Clinton Prince, founder of the Portsmouth-based charity, admitted the accounts had been sent in late, but said it was not fair to compare his voluntary local group to big national charities.

‘It is fair enough that we were named, our documents were 21 days late,’ he said. ‘But you have to bear in mind, not only were the forms initially sent to the wrong address by the commission, but we don’t have any kind of professional accounting staff.

‘Everything people do for us they do for no fee because they want to support the charity, but that can make chasing this stuff tricky.’

Out of the charities named in The News last month, the Tom Prince Cancer Trust was among those late by the lowest number of days, with some larger groups more than a year past their deadlines.

Charities who consistently fail to send in the documents face the ultimate sanction of being removed altogether from the register kept by the Charity Commission.

Mr Prince added that now anyone can log on to the commission’s website and see on their online register that his charity has no further documents outstanding.