NATIONAL: Beachgoers treated after ‘chemical haze’ sweeps along East Sussex coast

Birling Gap beach. Picture: Geograph (Labelled for reuse)
Birling Gap beach. Picture: Geograph (Labelled for reuse)
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MORE than 100 people have received hospital treatment after a so-called ‘chemical haze’ swept across the coast.

Birling Gap beach at East Sussex was evacuated yesterday after people in the area reported they were affected by sore throats, vomiting and irritation to the eyes.

Reports suggest Eastbourne District General Hospital has treated at least 130 people following the incident.

It is believed the symptoms experienced by beachgoers were caused by a suspected chemical leak between Eastbourne and Birling Gap, causing a ‘haze’ to come in from the sea.

Police say the first report of the incident came in at about 5pm.

While people received treatment at the beach, emergency services advised those living along the coast to ‘keep doors and windows shut’ and to ‘move away’ from the Birling Gap area.