National Crime Agency officer says gang of paedophiles is ‘most dangerous’ he’s come across

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A gang of paedophiles showed ruthlessness in identifying vulnerable babies and infants, an investigator has said.

The National Crime Agency led the investigations to unearth the men - including Matthew Stansfield of Gosport - who were operating across the country. Yesterday they were sent to prison for their horrific crimes.

Graham Gardner, deputy director of investigations at the NCA said: ‘The sentences highlight the depravity of these men – a depth of depravity that thankfully we rarely see.

‘These offenders demonstrated a determined ruthlessness to identify vulnerable babies and infants who were unable to protect themselves.

‘Their callousness beggars belief.

‘This national investigation has now moved to an international one and the NCA will continue to work with our partners, at home and abroad, to ensure those who abuse children are brought to justice.’

Senior investigating officer Ian Glover added: ‘I would describe this group of paedophiles as one of the most dangerous group of offenders I’ve ever come across.

‘They’re abusing extremely young children and they’re ingratiating themselves with families. They not only abused the victims but then put it out on the world wide web for others to see.’