National Lottery changes: All you need to know about picking those lucky millionaire numbers

Changes are being made to the National Lottery
Changes are being made to the National Lottery
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Have you got a lucky Lotto line you’ve been putting on for years? Well...things have changed.

Here’s a quick guide to what has changed as of today:

* From the draw on Saturday, October 10 onwards there will be extra numbers to pick from:

- You can choose from 1 all the way to 59 - rather than 1 to 49. This is designed to create “bigger rolling jackpots” where there is ‘more to play for’.

* The jackpot odds of matching all 6 numbers on the current Lotto are 1 in 13,983,816. When the new numbers are introduced this will jump to 1 in 45,057,474.

* A new ‘Millionaire Raffle’ will guarantee a £1million prize in every draw. A further 20 people will win £20,000.

* Match two numbers and win a free Lotto Lucky Dip.

* You can still keep the lucky line you’ve played for the past 21 years - but you can also add a few higher numbers if you want.

* ‘Lotto HotPicks’ - more numbers to choose from (1-59) - and bigger prizes. Matching 5 numbers will scoop you £350,000.

The changes are aimed at ‘making the game more exciting’ and are according to ‘part of a never ending push to make more millionaires and more winners, and to raise as much as we can for National Lottery Good Cause projects.’

To date, £34 billion has been raised for Good Cause projects.

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