National Lottery gives millions to organisations in Portsmouth

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MILLIONS of pounds have been poured into projects in the Portsmouth area thanks to National Lottery funding.

New figures show that more than £15m of grants was given to organisations across Portsmouth last year.

During 2016, 38 projects received cash providing a vital boost to arts, sports and heritage projects alongside community groups helping those most in need.

They included:

n Learning Links getting £483,000 to establish a furniture recycling hub to support unemployed and homeless people.

n Victory Primary School receiving £9,300 to run a range of extra-curricular activities for pupils with special educational needs.

n Good Mental Health being awarded £9,200 to run a festival and support sessions for people with mental health issues.

Now any organisation that has ever received National Lottery funding has the possibility of gaining nationwide acclaim by entering The National Lottery Awards.

National Lottery Awards winners will receive a £3,000 cash prize at a ceremony later in the year.

To nominate a project tweet 
@LottoGoodCauses with a suggestion or call 020 7293 3329 to find out more and to enter. Entries must be in by midnight on April 7.