NATIONAL: Men more likely to try tax evasion, says study

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MEN are significantly more likely than women to try to evade paying tax, researchers say.

A study of almost 1,500 people in the US, UK, Sweden and Italy found men under-report their income, while women are more honest.

It revealed that men are more willing to contribute their full share of tax when they are informed what their money pays for.

The study, published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, involved tests to gauge attitudes about paying tax among people who self-report their income.

Dr John D’Attoma, from the University of Exeter Business School, said: ‘We have found robust evidence that tax compliance is greater for women than men.

‘But men are more responsive to the incentives attached to paying taxes.

‘Women are compliant even when they do not expect anything in return, and we had this result in every country where we ran the experiment.’