Navy base backs city fitness campaign

ParkFest is back!
ParkFest is back!

NAVAL personnel, led by the commander of Portsmouth Naval Base, are backing the Lord Mayor’s Small Changes Big Difference campaign.

Military personnel and civilians will gather in the gym at HMS Nelson, alongside the Naval Base Commander and Lord Mayor, cllr Lee Mason, to make a commitment to the campaign. There will be a Facebook Live broadcase of a 20-minute fitness circuit by Royal Navy Physical trainers and a live cooking demonstration by a Royal Marine chef.

Small Changes Big Difference’ is the Lord Mayor’s call to the city of Portsmouth to eat better, move more and help others. It aims to achieve 1 million pounds in weight lost, 1 million miles walked and 1 million hours volunteered.

Cdre Higham said: “Fitness is really important to everyone in the Navy.’

“It’s great to be involved in this citywide campaign, supporting the Lord Mayor in getting the people of Portsmouth eating better, moving more and helping others.”