Neighbours are ‘tearing hair out’ over untidy garden

MESSY The garden in Hayling Island which neighbours want cleared up
MESSY The garden in Hayling Island which neighbours want cleared up
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NEIGHBOURS say they are fed up with a house which is so overgrown with brambles that they cover a car in the front garden.

The large property in Havant Road, Hayling Island, has been empty for nine years after the owners are believed to have divorced and both moved away.

It has been left to fall to ruin and the front garden is so overgrown with brambles that a rusting old car which is on the driveway is now almost concealed.

Havant Borough Council stepped in after complaints from neighbours and, after months of searching, managed to track down the owners.

A notice was served on them to sort out the property but was ignored.

The owners were then taken to court by the council and told they must act or be fined but that too has been ignored.

Now neighbour Steve Davis, who lives opposite the large semi-detched property, says something must be done.

The 47-year-old said: ‘It’s blighting the area, it’s disgusting.

‘It’s not very nice for people around here to have to look at that every day.

‘It’s so bad the postman stopped delivering there three years ago. He couldn’t get through the brambles.

‘I know I absolutely hate looking at it, so imagine what the people either side must feel like? I bet they’re tearing their hair out.

‘The council say they have the option of doing the work themselves and putting a charge on the property but there may not be any equity in it. The owner obviously doesn’t give a damn.’

A spokesman for the council, said a Section 215 Untidy Land Notice was served on the owner last October.

He added: ‘A compliance period of one month was given.

‘We received a letter from the owner of 199 Havant Road which admitted fault and stated that the land would be tidied up.

‘However, despite such assurances no such work was carried out leaving the council with no choice but to prosecute the owner on April 8.

‘Despite the successful prosecution the site remains in an untidy state.

‘With no signs that the owner is intending to comply with the notice, the council is currently deciding what further action should be taken.

‘This could take the form of a further prosecution or direct action by the council to clear the land.’