Neighbours praised for rescuing woman in house blaze

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A WOMAN has heaped praise on her neighbours after they rushed to rescue her when a fire broke out at her home while she was asleep.

Jane Parvin, 51, had taken the painkiller morphine and was sound asleep upstairs when explosions rocked her home and a blaze ripped though the conservatory.

Jane and Martyn Parvin next to the fire damage at their house.''''Picture: Sarah Standing (142157-8226)

Jane and Martyn Parvin next to the fire damage at their house.''''Picture: Sarah Standing (142157-8226)

Neighbours rushed to her aid, banging on the door and windows to get her out of her Cambridge Road home in Lee-on-the-Solent.

Mrs Parvin said: ‘I was in the house, I’d gone to bed because I was unwell.

‘I’d had lots of morphine – I was in a very deep sleep.

‘I was woken by a loud bang. The house shook. It was my neighbours who came and got me out.

‘I opened the door – I had no shoes on – the dog was running around in a hysterical state.

‘The neighbourhood was absolutely fantastic, they all rallied round – they all supported me.’

After Mrs Parvin left her home a man rescued her dog and another jumped into her husband Martyn’s truck and drove it away from the blaze.

‘It looked like it was about to be set on fire,’ she added. ‘People were amazing to me. It was the neighbours who controlled the traffic.

‘The fire brigade were really good. They said another five minutes and the whole house could’ve gone.’

She thanked all those who helped – including 21-year-old Glenn Lane of Skipper Lane.

He hopped over the garden fence and burnt his feet while trying to rescue her dog before banging on the door and window to wake her up.

He said: ‘I was worried about the dog and the woman in the house.’

Mrs Parvin added: ‘There were lots of people doing brave things.’

Her mother, Councillor Susan Bayford, added: ‘The neighbours were wonderful. They probably saved her.

‘A lot of people have turned up to offer support and help from all over the place.’

As reported, the fire spread to the roof but firefighters beat the blaze down. Two explosions rocked the area when a fuel container exploded.

It happened at 5.15pm on Saturday.