Neighbours tell of their horror at Gosport fire drama

Patrick Bergin
Patrick Bergin
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Neighbours have told how thick smoke billowed into the quiet cul-de-sac as fire spread damaging the family home.

They rushed out to help and call 999 as the blaze took hold, damaging a storage shed and the roof.

Resident Patrick Bergin dashed into the smoke-filled house to alert the family inside,

Amber Wearn, 15, lives opposite with her mother Suzanne, 48.

Amber said: ‘I was eating my dinner and smelled the burning smell.

‘It was everywhere and then we saw the flames go up.

‘I came out and saw the fire service go into the building.

‘The smoke came into our house.’

‘It took 30 minutes for it to go down. It was quite a big fire – it was coming out of the roof.’

Neighbour and friend to the woman in the burned house Jacqui Hill, 46, said: ‘Poor girl – it’s devastated her house.’

Shocked residents looked on as the house smouldered lit up by floodlights.

Onlooker Saria Stevens, 35, added: ‘All I heard was a bang and saw the shed on fire.

‘I came out and there was already people out.

‘It was bad, the whole shed was on fire, the flames were bad.’

Mum-of-one and neighbour Sheridan Smith, 19, rushed her newborn away when she smelled smoke.

She said: ‘We saw lots of black smoke.’