New £950,000 centre opens to increase area’s recycling rates

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THE biggest recycling centre in Hampshire has opened.

The £950,000 facility, built and run by Hampshire County Council, opened to the public yesterday at Old Park Farm, off Hambledon Road, Waterlooville.

RECYCLE Gemma Ellis, 31, from Waterlooville, was one of the first to use the new centre '  Picture: Malcolm Wells (13133-4511)

RECYCLE Gemma Ellis, 31, from Waterlooville, was one of the first to use the new centre ' Picture: Malcolm Wells (13133-4511)

It was warmly welcomed by local people as the old centre further down Hambledon Road was not always easy to use.

Queues of traffic would build up as the site had to be closed when waste containers were removed.

And after waiting in traffic, people would then to have to struggle up steps to put the recyclables into bins.

The new centre has space for 27 cars to park, as well as enough room for 27 cars to queue up on the access road.

There are now 22 waste containers, rather than 10, and people no longer have to climb stairs.

David Pink, chairman of Waterlooville District Residents’ Association, said: ‘This was badly needed.

‘The other place was too small and cramped.

‘Now we have this better facility, people will use it.’

Environment leaders are hoping recycling rates will increase.

Sixty-four per cent of the material deposited before was recycled and the council is hoping this will go up to 69 per cent because of the extra number of containers.

The old facility is now closed and will be the site of Waterlooville’s new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Because the area is still part of a new housing development site, the access road to the recycling centre will have a temporary road surface and no road markings until the houses is complete.

Construction traffic will be separated from traffic coming to the centre by fencing.

The county council runs 24 recycling centres and Waterlooville is the biggest.

Councillor Mel Kendal, who oversees environment in Hampshire, said: ‘There is a lot more capacity here and better segregation between the areas used by householders and those where servicing vehicles need to operate.

‘Householders will be able to recycle more material, quickly and safely, thereby reducing waste and making a further contribution to Hampshire having the best record of any county in the UK for diverting household waste from landfill,’