New bridge installed over the A27

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A NEW footbridge over the A27 has finally opened – though fresh safety fears have been expressed.

The bridge has been completed close to the Whyke roundabout which links Chichester to Hunston, Sidlesham and Selsey.

It was built to make crossing the busy A27 bypass safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Three people were killed there in 2003.

But one nearby resident said pedestrians still had to cross busy roads to get to the bridge.

Peter Fogden, of Langdale Avenue, Chichester, said: ‘I’ve been using the new bridge for a week, but to get to it you have to cross either Whyke Road on the north side or the B2145 on the south side.

‘Both are really busy, there’s constantly fast cars in both directions and they’ve removed the crossing lights.

‘It’s ridiculous, you take your life in your own hands trying to get across.’

Mr Fogden said the bridge did not properly join up with paths on either side, making it a hazard for people crossing.

A survey found that about 80 people a day cross that stretch of the A27.

The bridge comes at a cost of £3.22m.

It took 26 weeks to build in a factory before being installed. It weighs 41 tonnes.