New buildings to end decade of nasty pongs

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A NEW site is being planned for a recycling depot in a bid to stop the foul smells which have plagued nearby residents for a decade

The Down End Composting plant in Portchester has been responsible for years of nasty niffs, dubbed the 'Portchester Pong'.

But the licence for the composting site expires in June and Veolia Environmental Services, which runs the plant, is not going to seek an extension.

Instead, Veolia has applied to build the new waste transfer buildings at nearby Warren Farm Quarry in Down End Road.

Roy Grinsell, of Northfield Park, in Portchester, has lived with the smell since the plant opened.

He said: 'We're very pleased that it should all be coming to an end.

'We've been fighting it for 10 years - this couldn't happen soon enough.

'We heard they weren't taking any more waste there from December and it should all be gone by June, but we live in hope this will make the difference.'

With the new facility, green waste would not be composted on site with most being removed in less than 24 hours, and not more than 48 hours, to be composted at another one of the firm's plants.

The new buildings will allow an additional 25,000 tonnes of green waste to pass through the site each year on top of the 150,000 tonnes it already takes.

The firm had previously been threatened with legal action by the Environment Agency over the level of the smells coming from Down End and their effect on those living nearby.

Veolia's application said: 'Odour releases from composting operations are mostly associated with the need to turn the green waste during the composting process and during the screening activities.

'Whilst the transfer of green waste brings with it some limited potential for odour at the Warren Farm site this is significantly less than the composting activities currently undertaken at Down End Quarry.'

Comments should be made to Fareham Borough Council by January 27. No date has been set for it to go before the planning committee.