New businesses encouraged to relocate to Havant by MP

SUPPORT Alan Mak MP (second from left) with management at Havant-based Comserv, a growing
SUPPORT Alan Mak MP (second from left) with management at Havant-based Comserv, a growing
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GENERATING more business growth is at the heart of one MP’s mission to boost the local economy.

Havant MP Alan Mak is encouraging more businesses to relocate to the area as it continues its economic growth.

Mr Mak spoke in the House of Commons about his plans to make Havant a prosperous area once more.

The Conservative MP’s words did not go unnoticed by his peers, as High Streets Minister Marcus Jones praised Havant’s impressive growth and its exciting plans for local development.

The first area of focus for Mr Mak is the development of the Dunsbury Hill Farm site.

The area of farmland, which stretches over 50 acres, is being developed by Havant Borough Council in partnership with Solent Local Enterprise.

The Havant MP has said he hopes that the new development will bring more than 3,500 new jobs into the area, as well as further investment into local infrastructure such as local roads.

Mr Mak said: ‘Havant’s economy is strong and we are open for business.

‘I encourage businesses large and small to relocate here. We have a skilled workforce and a vibrant business community.’

Mr Mak has said that business in Havant is booming, and for those businesses that do wish to relocate to the area, they will not only have the support of the local residents but the support of its local MP.

In his short time in charge of the constituency, Mr Mak has already seen the growth of places like Langstone Technology Park and the Solent Retail Park and has praised the national measures announced in the Budget designed to support more local businesses.

With these measures in place, Mr Mak is hoping it will have an add-on effect to the Havant economy.

He said: ‘The redevelopment of areas like Dunsbury Hill Farm and Market Hill will help create thousands of new local jobs.

‘With smaller businesses in the area also doing well, this is a very exciting time for Havant’s economy.

‘I now invite more businesses to join us.’