New chief executive at QA Hospital says he will address challenges

Mark Cubbon, the new chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. ''Picture: Ellie Pilmoor
Mark Cubbon, the new chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust. ''Picture: Ellie Pilmoor
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THE new chief executive of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust has vowed to address some of the challenges facing Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Mark Cubbon officially started in his new role at the Cosham site on Monday and has set out what he plans to do to make improvements.

Some things we know we have got to address and we will

Mark Cubbon

The former clinical care nurse accepts QA Hospital has challenges and said any problems picked up in the latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection and subsequent report – which is yet to be published –would be addressed.

‘A range of things have been put in place following the CQC inspection and we’ve had recognition for some of the improvements made,’ Mr Cubbon said.

‘When we have received feedback we have acted appropriately and sufficiently. Going forward we are focusing on drawing a line under the past and focusing on the future.

‘That is not to disregard the history or the very good work but to say whatever the CQC says needs to be addressed, we will address it.

‘Some things we know we have got to address and we will.’

One of the challenges Mr Cubbon wants to tackle is patients who are medically fit for discharge staying in hospital.

He added: ‘We have had some challenges around urgent care and while some of the issues are getting better, other areas aren’t and we need to work on that.

‘We have got a high dependency on temporary staff to staff beds that we wouldn’t normally have open this time of year.

‘We have got medically fit for discharge patients who take up places in beds needed by other patients.

‘For some reason or another they are in our beds. But we have to make sure we are doing the right things with them and they are seen to properly.

‘We have got too many of these patients and because of that, we have patients in additional beds when we shouldn’t have. That then means we have to bring more staff in and it compounds the issue.’

Before officially starting earlier this week Mr Cubbon, originally from Liverpool, was able to visit QA Hospital in Cosham and meet staff.

He was impressed with their passion, enthusiasm and commitment to patients even while facing challenges.

Mr Cubbon said: ‘After I was told I had the job, I was able to spend a few days in the organisation to get to know the key individuals and get an understanding of the challenges.

​‘It gave me a real insight on some of the opportunities and how to help shape my approach when I joined on Monday.

‘Some areas are very pressured but my impression is that everyone wants to come to work and deliver the best possible care.

‘There are some outstanding areas and that is comparing them to other trusts nationally, and not just within the organisation.

‘In my previous job I worked with around 70 organisations and there are some brilliant ones. But some of the work going on here would be right up there with other organisations across the country.

‘There is some fantastic delivery of services and some promising innovation going on.’

Mr Cubbon was appointed chief executive following an interview in May.

He started off his career as a nurse following training at the University of Manchester.

He spent a number of years as a nurse in intensive care and critical care before being appointed a ward manager at a London hospital.

For the past three years, he worked in the midlands for NHS Improvement which helps supports trusts give the best possible care.