New classrooms and a time capsule will leave legacy at Locks Heath

From left, Riley Chambers, William Hudson, Millie Turner, Samuel Delahay, and Ellie Ford  ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (151001-1)
From left, Riley Chambers, William Hudson, Millie Turner, Samuel Delahay, and Ellie Ford ''Picture: Paul Jacobs (151001-1)
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There is much excitement at Locks Heath Infants as the building work that started last October is nearly complete and the new rooms have now been handed over to the school, writes co-headteacher Hilary Cullum.

This is part of a joint building project, with Morgan Sindall carrying out major developments on both the junior and infant school sites.

This will be of huge benefit to the children of Locks Heath. At Locks Heath Infants, the learning environment will be improved for the children and future generations to come, with three new classrooms and other developments to the site.

The construction of canopies along the outside of the classrooms will allow learning to extend outside all year round.

The new classrooms will replace the temporary ones and the staff and children are looking forward to having the school all under one roof.

The current Year 2 temporary classrooms are a long way from the main school building and these are due to be taken away during the summer holiday to be reused elsewhere.

The extensions will mean that all four reception classrooms will be together and the four Year 2 classrooms will be side by side.

This will be a significant improvement.

New furniture and the latest IT equipment, with touchscreen whiteboards, complete the modern look to the classrooms.

The children will start using them in September.

The school will be upgrading the whiteboards in the other classrooms to match this ideal on a rolling program, with three further boards being fitted during the summer.

In the spring term, Mrs Cullum and Miss Burden, the co-headteachers, met two representatives from each class to share ideas on what they thought should go into a time capsule to be buried by the builders.

They thought about items that would show what it is like for the children, and other items that would show people of the future what was happening in 2015.

Newspapers, photos, lunch menus, building work plans, school uniform and much more were put in.

The Year 2 children wrote postcards to the youngsters of the future telling them about life in 2015 and what they think life will be like in the future. The children had some weird and wonderful ideas about what the future would hold. Many talked about how the children in the future might travel to school.

What the pupils say...

Ellie Ford,


‘The new classrooms are beautiful. They are lovely and new and shiny. The big windows let you see out into the playground. We will have an updated whiteboard. The huts are all being knocked down so we will have a bigger playground.’

William Hudson,


‘The classrooms are awesome and the new whiteboard is like a television.

‘You can see through the roof and see the clouds and the aeroplanes when they go over.’

Samuel Delahay,


‘It will be nice to go into a new classroom because they are bigger and you will be able to do more in them. The windows are long and you can see more. I feel excited and lucky because not everyone will get a new classroom.’

Rylee Chambers, five

‘I like the little window because you can see lots of bushes and flowers – it is for children to look out. The chairs are all different colours and they are comfortable to sit on. The new classrooms have lots of different things in them.’

Millie Turner, five

‘There are lots of windows and bright colours and the classrooms are very tidy, they are much bigger than the other classrooms.

‘We will be able to go outside now and find our class time capsule that we buried before the builders came.’