New edition of book on history of Fareham

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A Fareham resident has released a new edition of the historical book Fareham Revisited.

Part-memoir and part-history, Michael Stephenson’s book describes some of the town’s most iconic settings and documents the changes from a market town to the contemporary rural landscape.

The 73-year-old, who has lived in Fareham his whole life, wrote the book in 2004, but has recently updated it to include more about the importance of the town’s emergency services.

He said: ‘It all started as a poem. I wrote it back in the late 80s and people became so interested in it so I wrote an extended version and then I thought “let’s do a book”.

‘This isn’t a political book, but because I have lived here I haven’t been happy about some of the changes that have happened to the town.

‘It has, however, been the most interesting element of my time here, seeing how it has changed.’

The book is available for £14.99 at Fareham Museum, Fareham Library and directly from Michael himself.