New harbour master looks forward to new challenge

Jason Scott has taken over as the new Harbour Master, after David Evans stepped down after 11 years in the role
Jason Scott has taken over as the new Harbour Master, after David Evans stepped down after 11 years in the role
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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THE authority responsible for keeping people safe in marina waters has named a new director and harbour master.

The River Hamble Harbour Authority has appointed Jason Scott as the replacement for long-term servant David Evans, who has retired from the role after 11 years.

Mr Scott has strong maritime credentials on top of being a keen cruising yachtsman.

He was a member of the Royal Navy for 29 years and spent three years in the commercial sector in board-level governance and business risk management.

Councillor Keith Evans, chairman of the Hamble Harbour Authority board, said: ’We are delighted to welcome Jason to the post and feel sure he will bring a strong array of skills and experience to this role.

‘A key part of Jason’s job will be to work with the many groups and interests represented on the river in seeking to keep the River Hamble at the leading edge of leisure harbours.’

Mr Scott’s main responsibilities are to look after the well-being of those who use the Hamble River and other marinas in the area, ensuring they can navigate the waters safely.

Mr Scott said: ‘I am very pleased and excited to get this role in one of the country’s most prominent leisure harbours and I look forward to working with many of the people who I know are passionate about its future.

‘We abide by the Port Marine Safety Code and as Harbour Master it is my responsibility to make sure we have an adequate safety management system.

‘I also have statutory responsibilities towards the environment as lots of protected species live in the river.

‘We are talking to Southampton University about safeguarding the river’s wetlands as lots of different species call them home.

‘We want to maintain the environment to make sure those species can survive and thrive in the river.’

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