New ideas for Chichester park hailed as ‘innovative’

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NEW ideas put forward by Chichester conservationists for Priory Park, which include a combined cricket pavilion and clubhouse, have been hailed by one group as ‘innovative’ and an ‘affordable way forward’.

The Friends of Priory Park welcomed revised plans for the area, which also include a community orchard, garden and the conversion of the existing cricket clubhouse into a cafe with public toilets.

Chairman of the group Richard Plowman said: ‘We welcome the plans.

‘There are one or two modifications which have been quite good, there is some innovative thinking to it.’

He added: ‘Overall it is a good way forward and it is an affordable way forward.

‘I am hoping the revised plans will be accepted as the master plan and we can start to get all of the funding for it.’

The modified plans put forward by Chichester Conservation Area Advisory Committee were launched at its annual meeting.

The recommendations in it have been submitted to Chichester District Council, which is currently considering the future of the historic park.

The Friends of Priory Park said the plans were something everyone could work to.

And Mr Plowman hailed the idea for a cafe at the historic park and the idea for a play area.

He said plans to move the pavilion were a ‘sensible thing’ and in terms of access it ‘makes sense’.

Earlier proposals including a bandstand, the restoration of the old white cricket pavilion, and the creation of an amphitheatre on the Norman motte, where a castle once stood, have been dropped.