New lights on Newgate Lane cause rush hour delays

New traffic lights caused delays throughout Gosport and Fareham yesterday
New traffic lights caused delays throughout Gosport and Fareham yesterday
  • Traffic heading into Gosport and Fareham was delayed by up to 40 minutes
  • The new traffic lights at HMS Collingwood, on Newgate Lane, are behind the problem
  • Councillor asks for commuters to ‘bare with us’
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MAJOR traffic delays were caused during morning rush hour as roadworks to improve congestion continue.

Motorists heading into Fareham and Gosport yesterday morning were caught up in the traffic which tailed back to junction 12 of the M27.

Newgate Lane is a nightmare.

Caroline Avis

The delays were caused by traffic lights recently been installed at HMS Collingwood in Newgate Lane.

The lights were put in as part of Hampshire County Council’s scheme to improve congestion going into Gosport. But their introduction, coupled with the roadworks, led to long delays.

People who use the road daily say the work is not helping ease traffic problems.

Caroline Avis, from Peel Common Estate, in Gosport, said: ‘Newgate Lane is a nightmare.

‘It doesn’t feel safe at all when I walk around there and I am surprised at how long they have taken to be completed.’

Fellow Gosport resident Arthur Arnold regularly walks along Newgate Lane.

He added: ‘It’s incredibly dangerous for pedestrians around that area.

‘I highly doubt that these new works will do anything to alter congestion as all that will happen is more cars will pile up.’

The works are part of a multimillion-pound project to ease traffic between Gosport and Fareham.

The roadworks are expected to be complete early July.

But people have been unhappy with the delays in the works.

A commuter from Fareham said: ‘At the end of the day why do they continually decide to delay things like this?

‘Get it done. Let’s be honest it’s taken too long.’

Councillor Sean Woodward, executive member for transport at the council, asked for people to be patient.

‘The roadworks have been causing intermittent problems,’ he said.

‘It has been since the lights at HMS Collingwood were turned on. I would ask people to bear with us.

‘When all the lanes are open and the lights are on, traffic should flow better through there.’