New plan submitted for controversial Gosport eco-home site

ECO-HOME The earlier plan submitted to Gosport council
ECO-HOME The earlier plan submitted to Gosport council
  • A new planning application has been put in for the former munitions site in Gosport
  • Landowner says new plan addresses main concerns from inspector
  • But residents argue the house is still not wanted
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A LANDOWNER says he has addressed the main concerns which stopped an eco-home being built.

But people living near the site say despite the changes to the application, the house is still not wanted.

He needs to accept the fact that no-one wants that house built.

Resident John Hudson

Alan Dawes has submitted fresh plans to Gosport Borough Council to build a three-bedroom house on land he owns off Britannia Way, in Gosport.

His original application was rejected by the council’s regulatory board and by an independent inspector after he appealed the decision.

But despite the setbacks, Mr Dawes has put in an amended plan.

He said the new application addresses the main concerns of demolishing the buildings and the impact on wildlife.

‘In previous applications, I don’t think the inspector approved of the buildings being demolished or the lack of detail surrounding the wildlife,’ he said.

‘So in the new application we have made changes to that and we will build the home within the parameters of the existing building.

‘It also goes into a lot more details of the wildlife and the impact the house will have.’

But residents living on Britannia Way say they are disappointed with Mr Dawes’s decision to submit the application.

John Hudson said: ‘I am not surprised that Mr Dawes has put in the new application but I am disappointed.

‘He has already been told “no” by the council and the inspector but he keeps trying to push it. He has made changes the plan but they don’t make that much difference. He needs to accept the fact that no-one wants that house built.’

As part of his plans to build on the site, Mr Dawes objected to Gosport Borough Council’s Local Plan which listed the site as public space.

Mr Dawes said the plan was unsound because it didn’t protect the historic buildings on the land.

But Peter Langdon, the ward councillor, said the application should have been submitted after the independent government inspector makes his decision.

He said: ‘I was a little bit surprised that Mr Dawes hasn’t waited until the Local Plan has come out.

‘If the inspector decided to keep it the same, then Mr Dawes will have the same grievances as before.’