New power to seize equine on council land

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HORSES left on council land will be seized under a new regulation.

Leaders at Havant Borough Council have voted to press ahead with powers to seize horses, donkeys and mules that are left to graze on its land with the authority’s permission.

A council report said: ‘From time to time, members of the public place horses or other equines on council-owned public open space without the permission of the council.

‘This generates concern and complaints from the public regarding the welfare of the animals, inhibited use of open space, damage to property and the safety of users.’

The report states that the cost of equines roaming free can be £1,000 a year for fence repairs and £2,000 for ground repairs.

The report adds: ‘The cost in officer time dealing with complaints and enquiries from the public runs to hundreds of hours.’

Because the council does not have resources to stable a horse, it will seek a deal with Eastleigh Borough Council to help with removal.