New scheme can offer easy way to be more green in Portsmouth

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HOMEOWNERS will be given the chance to become more energy-efficient in a new scheme.

Portsmouth City Council is part of the Solent Green Deal which gives people the chance to save money and lower their energy consumption.

In the new project, the government loans money to residents who want to make their homes more green.

The loan is then paid back through normal energy bills.

Alan Cufley, head of corporate assets, business and standards at Portsmouth City Council said: ‘This is a great example of how councils can work together to deliver a better service for residents.

‘In Portsmouth we will be working to increase the number of local contractors and businesses who are involved in the scheme.

‘But we also want to ensure there is training and apprenticeship opportunities with local colleges.’

Residents who wish to join the scheme will undergo an assessment run by the council.

An assessor employed by the council will then decide the best way they can improve their energy bills.

Once the assessment has been carried out, local contractors will make the improvements.

These can include loft, window and wall insulation, efficient boilers, double-glazing and solar power.

Alex Parmy, speaking on behalf of the Solent Green Deal, said: ‘This is a really exciting moment which will show how, at a time when energy prices are constantly rising, bills can be brought under control in an affordable and hassle-free way.

‘We’ll remove the concerns of having an unknown company coming into their home as well as provide a council assessor and trustworthy quotes from local installers.

‘People will feel the difference in their warmer homes and see it in their reduced energy bills though the impartial service the Solent Green Deal has to offer.’

The new scheme was launched today with the opening of an energy-efficient home.

Located in Atlantic Park View, in Eastleigh, the house has been transformed to show how an array of measures can make a big difference.

These include costs, efficiency and carbon emissions.

To apply for the scheme or for more information visit or call Solent Green Deal on 0800 052 2242.