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POLICE officers will be working with businesses in Waterlooville, in the ongoing fight against anti-social behaviour

Police to toughen up on anti-social behaviour

Tough decisions taken by councillors are being challenged in no holds-barred video interviews.

Members of the public can submit questions to West Sussex County Council and demand answers from the politicians responsible.

The idea is to let the public know who is behind the decision making.

Councillor Louise Goldsmith leader of the council, was the first to be interviewed. She was asked whether the council could really save 75m over three years and why it had awarded 2.5m to Chichester Festival Theatre over the past decade. 'People have a right to know, and to see, who is taking the decisions and why,' said Cllr Goldsmith.

Children and Families Cabinet Member Pete Bradbury was asked if he would resign following the Ofsted ruling that child safeguarding was inadequate. How did it happen, who was to blame and what was he personally doing about it?

To submit a question email the council's communications team on