Newborn chicks at Langstone Harbour

A little tern at Langstone Harbour
A little tern at Langstone Harbour
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THIS adorably cute chick is living proof that a rare seabird species is making a comeback.

Three years ago no chicks were being raised by little terns in Langstone Harbour – and the future looked grim.

But after a major effort, bolstered by a £74,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund there are 30 nests this year.

But it’s still touch and go. Wez Smith, RSPB site manager, said: ‘The chicks are now at a vulnerable stage and need to get through the next 20 days without succumbing to predators like foxes or crows, spring tides or being disturbed.

‘The Solent’s little terns have been in a worrying decline for some time now and these new broods of young represent real hope for the future.’