‘Nightmare’ Domino’s Pizza plans on hold

Ben Dowling
Ben Dowling
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PLANS for a ‘nightmare’ Domino’s Pizza takeaway restaurant in Milton have been averted - for now - after intervention from a ward councillor.

Residents feared major disruption and sleepless nights with plans seemingly afoot to transform the shop next door to The Larder in Locksway Road - a residential street - into the fast food joint.

It was suggested Domino’s Pizza staff hours would be 10am - 5am, seven days a week, as well being open to the public for takeaways until 1am and carrying out deliveries until 5am. It was also thought there would be three truck deliveries a day and delivery mopeds going all through the night.

However, councillor Ben Dowling, cabinet member for planning, regeneration and economic development has urged the council to explore all options for the site.

Peter Crockett, of Longshore Way, who runs the neighbourhood watch scheme, said: ‘It would be horrendous if Domino’s got the go-ahead with all the noise and disruption it would cause. There would be lorries and mopeds driving up and down through the night doing deliveries.

‘It would also need a change of use for licensing with it previously a hairdressers. An attempt was made in the 1990s to change usage to a food outlet but this failed. It would be a nightmare to have all that going on and makes you think the property team's only remit would be to maximise income rather than see social welfare as its problem.

‘But hopefully following the request to look at other options there will be a different occupier to Domino’s Pizza.’

A spokesperson for Portsmouth City Council said: ‘The property on Locksway Road will be put on the market in due course, where we will be inviting offers from prospective tenants. If a tenant wishes to change the use of the property then they will have to submit a planning application.’

Cllr Dowling added: ‘It's important we get the balance right for residents, so they have access to the services they need but also that that commercial activities are placed in appropriate areas of the city. I will continue to monitor the situation once the property is placed on the market.’