Nine years in jail for soldier after attack on jogger

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AN ARMY sergeant has been described by a judge as a disgrace to his uniform after he was jailed for nine years for a vicious attack on a jogger.

John Bossuot left Anthony Sims with brain damage after he punched him to the ground and kicked and stamped on him.

Mr Sims' parents say that while Bossuot will be able to get on with his life after jail, their son will never be the same again.

The former bouncer attacked Mr Sims as he was running near Tipner Lake because he thought he had pushed a boy off his bike.

Sentencing the 39-year-old at Portsmouth Crown Court Judge Graham White said: 'What a dreadful physical lesson you meted out to him.

'You're a disgrace to your uniform. You are a trained soldier. You are a senior non-commissioned officer.

'You are trained to control yourself, not to let your emotions run riot and mete out unjustified physical retribution upon another human being.'

Bossuot, pictured on page one, went into Cosham police station the day after the attack in August 2009 and told a member of staff 'I filled him in'.

He went on trial in April last year but the jury was unable to reach a verdict.

But in December, after a retrial, it took the second jury just half an hour to find him guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The court heard Bossuot, of Colwell Road, Cosham, had worked his way up to the rank of sergeant in the 22 Engineer Regiment and had served tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Michael Oliver, defending, handed the judge references from Bossuot's friends and family which described him as a 'legend'.

'This is not any soldier, this is an exceptional soldier,' Mr Oliver said.

'The consequences for the army will be tragic as well and of course because of that for the country.'

But the judge said: 'You have changed Mr Sims' life forever.

'He has not fully recovered. It isn't over for him yet. He will have long term and permanent cognitive impairments.

'The damage you have caused is truly awful.

'Inevitably you will be dismissed from the army in spite of the good work that you have done for them.

'It's clearly right that you should be dismissed from the army.'

Bossuot also has previous convictions for assault.

After the hearing Mr Sims' mother Joanna Sims said: 'He is a disgrace. He has changed Anthony's life irrevocably and when he is out his life will be back to normal and Anthony will never be the same.

'In the space of five minutes he has changed Anthony's life and the lives of those around him.

'We have seen no remorse whatsoever. He never seems to have said sorry to anybody at all.'

LIFE will never be the same for Anthony Sims.

The attack on August 12, 2009, left him fighting for his life with severe brain damage.

The father-of-one was working as a buyer for IBM when he was brutally attacked while he was out jogging.

The fitness fanatic spent 13 months in hospital after the being kicked and stamped on.

When he came out of hospital he had to leave his home in North End to move in with his parents Mike and Joanna in Cosham so that they could look after him.

Mr Sims, 66, a former chief petty officer in the navy, said: ‘It's been a nightmare with all these trials.

‘We can put some closure on it now and get on with getting Anthony better.'

The family paid tribute to the police and crown prosecution service and those who gave evidence at court, including two young boys.

‘We would like to thank the boys who gave evidence.'

Mr Sims said. ‘We thought they were very brave, particularly to do it twice.'

Assault left man brain damaged


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