No stress for skippers thanks to boat course

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BOAT owners brushed up on their sailing skills with a workshop at Haslar Marina.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) held the advice day to encourage boat owners to gain the confidence to leave their berths more often.

Instructors from the Haslar Sea School were there to share expert tips on manoeuvres and boat handling skills.

Guy Malpas, from the RYA, said: ‘It was sunny but quite windy, gusting to 20 knots.

‘In the relative shelter provided by Haslar Marina and Portsmouth Harbour these were great conditions for participants to practise berthing and manoeuvring their boat under the guidance of an RYA instructor.

‘These are often the type of conditions that can lead to anxiety and voices to be raised between crews.’

The marina will be holding another event on September 22.

The principal of Haslar Sea School Steve Tyas said: ‘It’s refreshing to hear how positively the event has been received.

‘This training is of benefit to all and has been proved to be very popular.’

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