Noise row puts future of dog firm in balance

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THE owner of a dog-boarding business in Portsmouth will fight to keep it open.

Karen Standen, who runs Ken and Karen’s Dog Services, has vowed to battle for her business after threats it could be closed down due to noise complaints.

Karen and Ken Stranden with the dogs they look after.''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132638-760)

Karen and Ken Stranden with the dogs they look after.''''Picture: Allan Hutchings (132638-760)

The business is run from her home in New Road, Copnor, and offers a dog boarding and dog day-care service.

But after several complaints from neighbours, Karen has to apply for planning permission from Portsmouth City Council to allow her business to continue.

If her application is rejected, the business will have to close down.

She said: ‘My husband and I have done all we can to keep the dogs quiet during the day.

‘I get clients to text me when they’re outside so the dogs don’t bark at the doorbell.

‘We’re even thinking of soundproofing the house so we don’t disturb the neighbours. I’m getting so worried about the whole thing and the complaints started out of the blue even though we’ve been running this business for nearly two years.’

But the neighbours have said the noise is intolerable.

One, who did not want to be named, said: ‘The main problem is when the dogs are being picked up and dropped off.

‘From half six in the morning you’re getting visitors and the dogs are acting like dogs do and barking.

‘I don’t think there should be a business like this in a residential area because it’s like living next door to a kennel.

‘No business should affect its neighbours that much.’

Since the complaints were made, representatives from the council have visited the house to investigate.

Simon Barnett, principal planning officer for the council, said: ‘Following complaints about dogs barking we visited the property and found that a dog boarding business was being run from the home.

‘The running of this type of business from a house requires planning permission. The owners have been told they would need to make an application if they wish to continue running the business.’