NOSTALGIA: Sports shields made by Portsmouth teacher dug out after more than 60 years

My recent 1950s' pictures of various sports team from Flying Bull Lane School have certainly brought back memories for many of you.

Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 6:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th September 2017, 6:07 pm
Brian Warehams treasured shields from Flying Bull Lane School.

They delighted reader Brian Wareham, who went to the school and featured in the photos along with friend Alby Jewitt.

Brian says: ‘Alby and I, much to everyone’s surprise, went on to the Northern Grammar School and we lost touch.

‘However, our former friends from Flying Bull will be pleased to know that we followed in their footsteps and played for the grammar school first team.’

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The Admiral Drake, Twyford Avenue, North End. (Pete Cross collection)

He adds: ‘Alby, sadly not with us any more, was a far better footballer than me and also played for the Portsmouth schools’ representative team and, I think, Hampshire as well.’

Brian says my article inspired him to dig out the shields with which they were presented and which he still treasures more than 60 years on.

He says: ‘They were made by the teacher Mr Holmes. Although they were hand-made of stained soft wood and coloured sticky paper, I treasure them as they were my first trophies for football and cricket.’

•More memories about the Admiral Drake in Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth, and the question we posed about the building on the left which was a community centre.

Bursledon Regatta... but when?

Colin Erridge writes: ‘In 1957 I was learning to play the trombone. My excellent teacher was Fred Sivyer, a Salvation Army musician. To add to my playing experience, Fred would take me with him to play with a band that rehearsed at the centre. I wish I knew the name of the band. It was led by a lady drummer.

‘Later we gave concerts around Portsmouth, including to pensioner groups.’

•The final picture was taken by a News photographer, possibly in the late 1950s, but David and Iris Meatcher wonder if any reader can put an exact date on it.

It features spectators at the annual Bursledon Regatta and has a number of David’s and Iris’s relatives in it.

The Admiral Drake, Twyford Avenue, North End. (Pete Cross collection)

Please get in touch if you can name that date.

Bursledon Regatta... but when?