Notorious Portsmouth illegal clamper faces jail for bullying elderly neighbours for nearly nine years

A BULLY is facing jail after being found guilty of a near nine-year campaign of harassment against his elderly neighbours.

Notorious Gordon Miller said he would ‘dance on the graves’ of the couple, aged 83 and 80, in a long-running dispute over an alleyway.

Gordon Miller pictured as the DVLA clamped his car for failing to display a tax disc in 2006

Gordon Miller pictured as the DVLA clamped his car for failing to display a tax disc in 2006

But now after failing to turn up for his trial yesterday because he is in Turkey having private dental work done he is facing arrest and jail. Magistrates issued a warrant for his arrest.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court heard how Miller, who was previously jailed for illegal car clamping, left his Mercedes van and junk blocking shared access to an alleyway and garages behind Tangier Road, in Baffins, Portsmouth.

The News reported how in 2005 Miller was jailed for three years after being convicted of blackmail for bully-boy illegal car clamping across the city while running Aquarius Security.

Giving evidence the elderly Christian wife of the couple, who The News are not naming, said Miller, 52, stopped them from using their garage for four years.

Speaking in court, the wife said self-employed builder Miller ‘can be intimidating and frightening at times’.

She added: ‘When it’s been nice and we’ve been sat out in the garden he has heard us talking and then he will start talking to people and he has said again “they’re the … Christians they’re living too long” and “when they’re dead I shall (urinate) and dance on their graves”.’

Asked how many times he had been abusive by prosecutor Liam Hunter, she said ‘hundreds of times’.

She said: ‘He wants to hurt people and upset people and upset everybody and this is just what he does. This is the sort of person that he is.’

She added: ‘What other person would want to make anybody’s life so miserable?’

When he was interviewed by police Miller denied being abusive, and said somebody else owned a grey van blocking access. Miller said his neighbours ‘should not feel intimidated or scared’ and just to ‘knock his door and ask him to move his (Mercedes) van.’

Mr Hunter added: ‘He didn’t really want to talk to any of his neighbours.’

Miller, who previously gave his address in court as Winchester Road, Buckland, was convicted in his absence of harassment between June 2009 and January this year, and failing to comply with a community protection notice by not removing junk from the alleyway.

Magistrate Ruth Dash issued a warrant for his arrest after being told he was convicted for a separate harassment charge against The Baffins pub landlord Mitch Payne and was facing six to eight weeks’ jail for that offence.

Magistrates cleared Miller of damaging the elderly couple’s garage roof. He denied all charges.

Miller had left wood, bricks, building materials, sand, cement, police and ‘sometimes boats’ in the shared access way.

Magistrates were told he said he would move junk when he built his own garage but did not.

When the couple were on holiday their garden fence vanished and Miller took two metres’ width of their land, the court heard.

He will be sentenced when police bring him to court.