Now, just where exactly did I leave my car again? Oh...

A policeman takes down the details of a that car was caught by the tide coming in on The Hard in Portsmouth
A policeman takes down the details of a that car was caught by the tide coming in on The Hard in Portsmouth
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NOW that’s what you call bad parking!

This sports car got carried away with the tide after its owner parked it at The Hard, Portsmouth – and then hopped on a train to London.

The antiques dealer from Southsea – who works in Antiques Storehouse in the Historic Dockyard – had left his Alfa Romeo Spider on the slipway at about 8.30am yesterday.

But it was swamped as the lunchtime tide came in at 12.20pm.

Police tried to contact the owner – who has not been named – and managed to track down his son-in-law Steve Sterling.

But when he arrived he informed police officers there was only one set of keys for the sports car – and they were in his father-in-law’s pocket.

The 29-year-old, from St Ronan’s Avenue, Southsea, said: ‘It’s just ridiculous.

‘I don’t even have the keys, he has the only set with him and now I can’t get hold of him – I’ll need to get a towing company to come and get it out.

‘He’s had the car for a few years but it really is his pride and joy.

‘He will be upset when he finds out what’s happened to it.’ The slipway is public land, but is only supposed to be used by fishermen to load and unload their boats.

The restrictions are clearly signposted at the entrance, underneath a no entry sign.

But fishermen say they regularly see the owner park up and head into his work.

Fisherman, Bill Merchant, 52, of Britain Street, Portsea, said: ‘He’s not supposed to be here.

‘This area is only for the fishing boys to load their nets but he still parks here every day.

‘There’s parking across the road and it’s only £2, but he probably parks here because he doesn’t want to pay that.’

Passer-by, Brian Eldridge, who was visiting Portsmouth for the day from Aylesbury, couldn’t believe his eyes when he came across the scene, and quickly whipped out his video camera.

The 60-year-old said: ‘I never expected to see that when I came to Portsmouth.

‘That really is bad parking.’