Objections raised to plan for Southsea road

Portsmouth & Southsea railway station by Andy Cooper

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A PLAN to improve Osborne Road in Southsea will be considered at a council meeting tomorrow.

But a residents’ group believes the Portsmouth City Council plan is flawed and needs to be revised.

The council is proposing improvements to paving and streetlights, widening footpaths to a minimum of two metres and moving the pedestrian crossing that is just east of Palmerston Road further west.

The plan also calls for a section of the road between Elphinstone Road and Serpentine Road to be increased to seven metres so buses can pass one another safely.

But the Southsea Association has written a letter to the council’s traffic and transport committee to object to the changes.

The association says a part of Osborne Road near Palmerston Road will have to be narrowed to comply with the two-metre footpath rule.

The letter stated: ‘The traffic flow between NatWest Bank and Debenhams bus stops will be severely restricted due to the considerable reduction in road width, allowing only single lane traffic between the parked buses.’

The meeting will be at the Portsmouth Guildhall at 10am.