NATIONAL: 'Weird' dad and daughter pole dancing duo open studio together

A dad and daughter pole dancing duo branded 'the weirdest thing I have ever seen' by a Britain's Got Talent judge have opened a studio together.

NATIONAL: Video shows mistreated dog given chance to walk with set of wheels

A dog left unable to walk after it was stamped on as a puppy is now on the move - thanks to its own set of wheels.


INTERNATIONAL: Rare condition leaves cat looking like a dog

Meet the freakishly furry 'werewolf' cat that is constantly mistaken for a dog - due to a rare condition which means its whiskers never stop growing.


WATCH: Would you put yoghurt on your Sunday roast?

Move over gravy - Brits are enjoying ketchup, mayonnaise and even yoghurt with a roast, according to research.
Food and Drink

NATIONAL: Centenarian says pork scratchings aid long life

A great-gran who celebrated her 100th birthday says the key to a long life is a packet of pork scratchings a day.

NATIONAL: Young woman with incurable condition which leaves her in constant pain forced to sleep next to a freezer

A young woman has told how she needs to sleep next to a freezer every night due to a rare incurable disease which leaves her in constant pain 24 hours a day.

NATIONAL: Disgrunted customer filmed paying for £25 Domino's pizza in 2p coins

This is the bizarre moment a disgruntled customer paid £25 for a Domino's pizza meal - using just 2p coins.


INTERNATIONAL: Dashcam catches plane crash on highway

Dashcam footage shows the dramatic moment a light aircraft crashed down onto a main road in America.

NATIONAL: Abandoned kitten bears uncanny resemblance to Hercule Poirot

An abandoned kitten has been inundated with offers of a new home due to its uncanny resemblance to the ceelbrated detective Hercule Poirot.


WATCH: British doctor rells how he punched shark in Australia

A British doctor has told how he punched a shark on the nose to escape its jaws while surfing off the Australian coast.

NATIONAL: I look like Bernard Manning - so was he my dad?

A TV actor who is the spitting image of Bernard Manning says he is willing to take a DNA test to settle whether or not he is the late comedian's lovechild.


INTERNATIONAL: Ford and Domino's team up to deliver driverless pizza

Domino’s and Ford teamed up to see if customers would warm to the idea of pizza delivered by driverless cars.


INTERNATIONAL: Video shows surgeons removing 639 nails from man's intestines (WARNING: Graphic content)

You could say he had an iron constitution....

WATCH: Makers of a new Nazi game censor Hitler for the German release - by removing his moustache!

German gamers are in fits of giggles after makers of the new Wolfenstein game censored Hitler - by removing his moustache.

NATIONAL: Now that's what we call a Halloween pumpkin!

It's claimed to be the world's biggest Jack O'Lantern.


WATCH: The birthday cake that explodes

A mum and daughter have reinvented the birthday celebration - creating cakes designed to be smashed into bits.


WATCH: Why you should never go shopping when you're stressed

Going shopping when you're emotional is bad for your bank balance, according to research.


WATCH: 'Alien-like' jellyfish introduced to London aquarium

Alien-looking Ctenophore jellyfish have been introduced to Sea Life London.


WATCH: Huge wave pushes beach hut 30ft across the shore at Hayling

A video shows a beach hut being forced up the shoreline when it was hit by a powerful wave at Hayling Island.


NATIONAL: Toddler almost killed as she is dragged into speeding tumble dryer

A mum is warning parents of young children to check electrical appliances after her 23-month-old daughter got dragged inside a spinning tumble dryer.

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