Offbeat: Walkers stunned after coming face-to-face with wallaby in British countryside

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A GROUP of walkers hiking through the British countryside were left stunned when they came face-to-face with a rare albino wallaby.

Ronald Newbould, 72, of Northampton, spotted the curious creature munching on leaves in a cornfield near the village of Hanslope, Buckinghamshire, more than 9,400 miles from his native Australia.

The friendly beast stood on his haunches facing Ronald and the group of ramblers for almost ten minutes, allowing Ronald to get some astonishing photos.

He captured the wild mammal eating leaves from the hedgerow, sitting with his paws crossed facing the group, and then turning and bounding into the distance.

Yesterday retired computer engineer Ronald, said: “There was a group of about 20 of us out on a walk.

“We had just come out of a wooded area where there was an old style that was a bit rickety, so me and a friend stayed back to help a couple of ladies over.

“My wife Linda hung back from the main group to wait for us and as we joined her she said ‘Look, there by the hedge.’

“I turned around and there was this white wallaby about 15 metres away, it was astonishing.

“He was eating the leaves off the bushes and made no attempt to move away - at one point he actually came a few metres towards us.

“We were watching him for almost ten minutes, he wasn’t shy at all.

“He just sat there with his arms crossed and sitting on his haunches, completely unfazed.

“He obviously got bored of us after a while, and using his tail he flipped round and bounded back off between the hedge and the corn and disappeared.”

A group of horse riders spotted a white albino wallaby in the nearby area just last month.