Olive clocks up 80 years of dancing'

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FOR almost eight decades Olive Croucher has been dancing - and she's not stopping yet.

Olive started when she was just seven years old and has won several awards through dance competitions.

Now at the age of 86 she is still light on her feet - and even teaches others to dance.

She said: 'I love to keep active and dancing has always been a passion of mine.

'When I used to live in London as a child I had been told you shouldn't be out dancing,

'So I think I was a bit rebellious and went to dance schools anyway.

'Then when I moved to Portsmouth I continued.

'I would say the Rumba is my favourite dance, but I like them all really.'

Olive, of Goldsmith Avenue, Milton, Portsmouth hung up her dancing shoes briefly when she met her husband Herbie.

'Herbie had two left feet and when we got married I stopped dancing,' said Olive.

'But he worked as a chartered accountant and often wouldn't come home until 2am because of his job.

'This meant I was spending a lot of time on my own and getting bored.

'One day I said to him that I would leave and so the next night he said we can go dancing.

'And he soon learnt how to do it and became really interested in it.

'We both qualified as Imperial Society Teachers.'

Olive holds classes at the Paulsgrove Community Centre, Wickham Community Centre, and Swanmore Village Hall.

The active pensioner also walks her dog Hollie for two miles each day and is a keen gardener.

Olive added: 'I like my classes to fun and for everyone to have a good time.

'I would really like to see more young faces come along to the classes, because they are such fun.'