One arrested as immigration team raids restaurant

  • Rose of Bengal restaurant is raided
  • One arrest was made, but the suspect was later released
  • Manager says the worker was obeying the law
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IMMIGRATION officers have raided two addresses in Gosport in a bid to find illegal workers, making one arrest.

A man was arrested at the Rose of Bengal restaurant in Forton Road.

I will follow this country’s laws.

Kabir Ahmed

But he was released later the same evening and was back at work the next day.

A Home Office spokesman said: ‘A 55-year-old man from Bangladesh was arrested on suspicion of immigration offences and has since been bailed pending further enquiries.’

At least 10 officers from Home Office Immigration Enforcement were involved in the evening raid, with some blocking the exits and others going inside the restaurant.

They interviewed the staff and manager of the restaurant and searched the premises.

The restaurant’s manager, Kabir Ahmed, said the arrest was a mistake.

He said: ‘They couldn’t find his papers, but he is not illegal and he is working again.’

Mr Ahmed, who lives in Gosport, said he thought the raid was part of a wider government crackdown on illegal immigrants.

He said: ‘If you read the papers you know the government seems to want to check every place, not just restaurants.

‘The government wants to deal with the problem.’

Mr Ahmed said the restaurant had about eight staff, four in the kitchen and four front-of-house, and all of them were working legally.

He said: ‘Nobody was illegal and nobody will be allowed to work here unless they are legal. I will follow this country’s laws.’

A resident of nearby Camden Street said: ‘I never imagined there might be illegal immigrants or overstayers working nearby, but it’s good to know that the Home Office takes these things seriously.’

Another nearby resident said he was on good terms with the manager.

He said it was important the immigration laws were enforced. ‘I have got no objection to [the restaurant’s managers].

‘We’ve got rules and regulations in this country and they should be abided by, it’s very simple.’