One town will benefit from Sainsbury’s £1m investment

Sainsbury's CEO, Mike Coupe
Sainsbury's CEO, Mike Coupe
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Sainsbury’s is calling for residents and community groups to nominate their town to receive a £1 million investment to become a test bed of innovation in cutting down food waste.

The supermarket’s Waste Less, Save More campaign has been launched in response to the escalating issue of household waste, which results in the average family throwing away £700 of uneaten food each year.

In the South West of England 580,000 tonnes of food and drink is wasted per year.

From the start of 2016, Sainsbury’s will partner with its selected town, investing 
£1 million to trial some of the best ideas from around the globe to uncover the most effective ways to reduce food waste, including: fridge innovations for the home to track when food is starting to go off, talking bins that give tips as rubbish is put in them, and new packaging to keep products fresher for longer.

Sainsbury’s CEO, Mike Coupe, said: ‘We know that waste – and particularly food waste – is a big challenge for households across the UK.

‘Investing significantly in this area clearly demonstrates the scale of our ambition over the next five years.

‘We’re confident that the project, which will start with trialling and testing in one UK town, will result in positive change for many more.’

Sainsbury’s is looking to work closely with the local authority and key community groups within the successful town to crowd-source new suggestions on how food waste could be reduced.

The selected town will be part of a year-long trial, which is phase one of a five-year commitment and £10 million investment from Sainsbury’s to help reduce waste across the country.

The final phases of the UK-wide Waste Less, Save More campaign will be focused on supporting the changes needed to reduce household waste.

The closing date for towns to apply for the investment is Friday, October 30.

To nominate your town for the investment visit