Open invitation to join the Gang Show

TALENTED Youngsters taking part in the previous Gang Show
TALENTED Youngsters taking part in the previous Gang Show
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Scott Marshall, creative activities advisor for the scouts in Hampshire, talks abuout an upcoming county-wide production

Hedge End Gang Show has been providing creative activities for Scouts in and around the Itchen district for over half a century, having celebrated its 50th birthday in 2013.

After a few years away, the Gang Show is back with huge plans for their next production and to celebrate, has decided to open up its doors to Scouts from all over Hampshire.

Hedge End Gang Show started in March 1964 when the 13th Itchen North Scouts decided to start up a Hedge End Gang Show and call it Birds of a Feather.

A year later the Scouts expanded the cast and asked Hedge End Guides to join the show. It became known as Scouguids, calling the show Out Of The Bag.

Over the years the creative talents of Scouts from around the district have performed for hundreds of people and provided exciting opportunities for its members. In 2013, Hedge End Gang Show entered the ‘Bright Sparks’ singing competition and as competition finalists were chosen to perform vocals upon the ‘Project Christmas’ album which was professionally recorded and released on an international scale.

Earlier this year, Hedge End Gang Show united with other Scout shows from across Hampshire to perform in ‘Hampshire Scouts Present’ at the Winchester Guildhall, entertaining a full house along with their peers, with whom they will be uniting once again in June 2016 at the Mayflower Theatre, Southampton in support of Wessex Cancer Trust.

Creative activities such as Hedge End Gang Show provide our young members the opportunity to understand team work, meet new friends, learn new skills, develop their creativeness and much more importantly have fun and experience performing on a public stage to hundreds of people.

It’s great to see the show back with a brand new producer, Kevin Harmer, leading a dedicated production team and the show opening an invite to Scouts from all over Hampshire to join. Participation is open to all members of Hampshire Scouts aged nine years or over.

Rehearsals are on Sundays between 10am and 1pm at BP Lodge, Pavilion Road, Hedge End.

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