OPINION: Donald Trump - destroyer, distractor or defender?

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The world is a scary place right now.

The threat of terrorism, the ever widening split between left wing and right wing politicians, and the rising tensions relating to a nuclear standoff.

The situation in Eastern Asia has been dubbed the ‘North Korean missile crisis’ in an offhand reference to the Cuban missile crisis back in 1962.

However, since this is apparently the second closest the world has ever come to a nuclear confrontation- according to experts from the Science and Security Board of Atomic Scientists- this is hardly a laughing matter.

Only the 1960’s arms race has come this close to this type of war.

The Doomsday Clock has been set to two and a half minutes to midnight. Dark times, right?

The antagonistic DPRK, however, seem to show no interest in the fact that their primary opponent, America, has the nuclear capability to annihilate the globe 14 times over.

North Korea has been conducting more aggressive missile tests, and the U.S territory of Guam has been targeted.

Their increasingly more brazen shows of power are making Kim Jong-uns regime look like a credible threat.

With the recent ICBM flights and rumors of nuclear miniaturization from the DPRK, the rest of the world is waiting tensely to see what will happen next.

Of course, the most painfully awaited responses will come from the most painfully unobservant politician on the world stage.

Donald Trump. The man (of few, poorly chosen words), the myth (teller), the legend (of ruthless capitalism). He is certainly one of the most divisive presidents ever to have been elected and shows his ‘greatness’ at every possible opportunity.

Recently, whilst Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, the Commander in Chief tweeted: ‘...Republican will win...’.

Many people have criticized the insensitive statement with one twitter user with the handle @EdKrassen replying: ‘”I’m sorry, but Trump’s behavior is not just beneath the dignity of the Presidency...but that of any decent man”’.

Although the Hurricane Harvey issue is a world away from the North Korean missile tests, the way in which Trump handles these two problems reveals much about his character.

His statement on North Korea promised ‘fire and fury like the world has never seen’, which is dramatically different to his ego boosting tweet about Missouri. But what if it isn’t?

Many people have correlated Trump’s consistent bragging with forms of narcissism.

Yes, being overly boastful can be a symptom of a narcissist. But that on its own doesn’t make him one.

However, couple this with the now infamous ‘fire and fury’ statement- which represents arrogant and violent behavior (also symptoms or narcissism)- and a more compelling case emerges.

On top of that, if one includes his need for constant attention and exaggerated achievements (see his Twitter feed for evidence), then there is some very strong proof that leans toward Trump being diagnosed as narcissistic.

Trump (possibly) being a narcissist isn’t important. Trump possibly being a narcissist with access to the military and warheads WHILST escalating tensions with the highly volatile Korena Peninsula?

That. That is bad.

Trump’s apparent but unofficially diagnosed narcissism won’t help with the current global situation.

In a time where the world seems to balance on a knife edge, Trump may be the weight to tip us over the brink. Or will his aggressive tactics prove effective?

No one can say for sure, but although I’m more critical of this president than most, if he gets us out of this situation- he’ll have done something right.