A BMX bike! I felt like I was the luckiest kid in town

Rick loves a lamb kebab
Rick loves a lamb kebab
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Being an only child, Christmas Day was a quiet day. We’d never go out and, for most of the time, we were in front of the telly.

After taking an age to fall asleep on Christmas Eve with all the excitement, I’d wake and feel those butterflies of joy travel through me from my tummy to my head.

Still in pyjamas, I’d run downstairs to be greeted by my folks and the opening of presents would begin.

As soon as I entered the lounge, I’d noticed the large present nestling behind the tree in the bay window which wasn’t there the night before.

This was too much to take. Slowly I’d make my way through my gifts from relatives and friends, waiting in turn whilst my folks opened one of theirs.

My mum would be delighted with the Pears soap selection box and would open each item, smelling and enjoying the scent.

By now, this was becoming totally unbearable.

A pause in opening as the turkey needed basting and the sprouts had to go on.

Then the moment would arrive. All presents opened, gift wrapping paper everywhere and the only gift left was in the big box behind the tree.

A BMX bike. Awesome! It was 1982 and I felt like the luckiest kid in town, even if I had also received a Bucks Fizz album from my nan, who no doubt bought it for me as she liked Land Of Make Believe.

Christmas 2016 will be a very different experience.

We are going to Sarah’s folks. She is one of four and we will join all their families too.

How 15 of us are going to sit round one table I do not know. But now it’s all about our children.

Watching their faces fill with excitement as they notice the big box in the corner.

I know how lucky I am to be surrounded by family at Christmas. But that’s not always been the case.

I know what it’s like to be alone on the big day, which makes me even more thankful.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas.


So it turns out the Wave 105 Christmas party was a messy affair after all.

The food at Restaurant 27 was exceptional. Surely they are due a Michelin star sometime soon?

After dinner, we headed to Gunwharf Quays and the drinks kept flowing.

A combination of being the last Friday for many at work, the end of a hard but very successful year and free drinks meant that many of us were very merry indeed.

So much so, we ended up partying with Brittany Ferries staff at their do in Tiger Tiger.

The sign of a great night out is the heading home lamb kebab.

Mine was consumed in Gosport Bus Station at 10pm.

The hangover on Saturday was torture, but it was so worth it!


Freddie’s speech is starting to improve greatly. Now two-and-a-half, he is able to communicate more clearly.

I was especially pleased when he appeared from the playroom, holding a Biro and saying the word ‘drawing’.

Well done Freddie, I exclaimed as I beavered away at the cooker making a chilli for the imminent arrival of friends.

It was only when they popped in to see our little Leonardo Di Vinci that we discovered he had used that Biro to scribble all over the brown sofa.

I’m afraid even the magic of a wet wipe won’t take that off.

If only I had realised he now knows what a pen is and what it does.

But to be fair, he did ask first!