A book that was close to home

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Last Saturday, as I turned each page, I would chortle with laughter, or catch my breath as tears cascaded down my cheeks.

The book is called The Little Girl in the Radiator – Mum, Alzheimer’s & Me, by Martin Slevin.

We get to meet Martin’s sweet old mum, her mind ravaged with Alzheimer’s, the Irish Band, Bruno (dog) with the bare bum, the

little girl in the radiator, and so much more.

Folks, this is a ‘must read’ for any of you out there who are trying to cope with raw emotions, the maelstrom of your mind, and the labyrinth of red tape that surrounds loved ones who are suffering with Alzheimer’s/


Dementia is on the increase in the UK – and its

tentacles of confusion don’t care who they claim.

They wrapped around my mum in 2010.

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