A Bridget Jones moment at the end of my charity abseil

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I had the worst (or is it best?) Bridget Jones moment last weekend.

I don’t really need to explain – you only have to look at the picture on the right to see what I mean.

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about the photo or laugh or cry about the event – they were both mortifying in equal measures.

Okay, so let me paint the picture for you. There I am at the top of the Mercantile building in Portsmouth last Saturday, 11 storeys up mingling with Daring Doris Long, at 99 the oldest person in the world to do an abseil.

She made it seem like having a rope tied around your waist and being told to ‘lean back’ as you suspend yourself from a tall building was the most natural thing in the world.

I was frightened, but there were people there – a lot of them. There were other volunteers including a very brave seven-year-old boy, plus lots of media, including photographers and TV.

I have a reputation to maintain, so I (reluctantly in the end) hurled myself off the building and started climbing down.

I did the climb with Luke Crocker from Portsmouth accommodation provider Unilife, who was half-way down the building by the time I had psyched myself up enough to actually do the ‘leaning back’ bit.

I felt tears well up and started levering myself down – and they weren’t tears of joy!

I tried not to keep looking down as Luke completely obliterated any chance of me being first down – and it was his first time too!

We both managed to raise just under £400 each for The Rowans Hospice at Purbrook, which made it all worth it.

But just as I was about to put my feet on the ground, one of the directors of Unilife who came down to show his support took this rather snazzy shot of me.


All in all though, despite my dramatic crocodile tears and worries, it was well worth it and I was so pleased I could share the moment with so many others who had given up their time to fundraise for what really is an amazing cause.

All I can say about Doris is…what a woman. I’ll be first in line to do it next year when she celebrates her 100th!