A close brush with Barbie

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There are some things my children have a great deal of enthusiasm for, like going to the park, eating sweets and watching Disney films.

If only they had the same amount of passion and energy for other things, like eating their vegetables, tidying their bedroom and brushing their teeth.

Some mornings and evenings when I announce to my daughters they need to make their way to the bathroom for that twice daily ritual known as brushing your teeth, they don’t exactly jump off the sofa with joy.

It usually requires a certain amount of persuasion, but recently my daughters have done a complete U-turn.

It’s all thanks to the type of toothbrush. They’ve gone from a regular child’s toothbrush to a bright pink Barbie electric toothbrush. This small change means they now ask to brush their teeth before I tell them and now I have to stop them before they brush their gums away.

I hope the enthusiasm lasts.

Meanwhile, I need to stock up on AAA batteries.