A dodgy door and a drunk made commute a nightmare

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Ihad an horrific commute back to Portsmouth from London earlier this week.

Honestly, I was so outraged I wouldn’t have been surprised if my head had spun round and my eyes turned a menacing black.

ITN asked me back to work on its very popular Truthloader web channel, a current affairs, counter-culture show.

I usually do a lot of showbiz work and as a journalist it’s always good to exercise the brain in a more newsy way from time to time, so I jumped at the chance.

My job for the next two weeks is to produce and present a weekly extended news video on a topical subject of my choice as well as conduct one-hour live daily interviews.

It’s a heck of a lot of work, but I’m loving it. The big problem is the daily commute. Because it’s a news-based job, it’s impossible to do regular hours.

On Tuesday, my second day in the job, I left work at 5.05pm, so not bad at all. But I missed the 5.30pm train home by 50 seconds. Just 50 seconds!

So I patiently waited for the 6pm. When by 6.10pm we were still sat at Waterloo station, I knew something was wrong – especially when the driver made a Tannoy announcement saying ‘can the guard please contact the driver’.

Turned out the driver couldn’t shut his door and they had to wait for an engineer. But despite their assurances that we’d be ‘on our way soon’, by 6.13pm they declared what we already knew – the train was going nowhere.

So I legged it two platforms over to where the 6.15pm slow train was departing – but they were packed in like sardines. I literally couldn’t squeeze in.

I then waited for the 6.30pm, which was not only delayed but also contained a drunken passenger who couldn’t be controlled. I heard the guard’s announcement for ‘assistance from anyone on board who may be a police officer’.

By the time I got to Havant – one stop from my home – I was almost in tears.

It was nearly 8.30pm, but the drunken man was creating such havoc the train couldn’t depart from Havant because they were waiting for the police.

I got off there planning to ring Matt to come and collect me – and realised my phone battery had died. Brilliant.