A glass of wine and a roast dinner can soothe the pain

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Oh dear, it’s finally here: race season is upon us.

While some of my running buddies haven’t stop racing, I’m more of a seasonal eventer, and yesterday marked the start of it, with the D-Day 10k.

It was the first time I had run the distance in quite a while, but luckily the course from the Mountbatten Centre and up to the Hilsea Lido and back was flat.

If anyone driving by the small part of the run that went down London Road saw me, I have to apologise for gasping like a flounder – it’s not an attractive look.

Running that far does hurt, but luckily it can be anaesthetised with a glass or two of wine and a roast dinner.

But as it’s only three months until I have to run a half-marathon, I’d better not go overboard.