A labradoodle? A Maltipoo? They’re all simply mongrels

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My latest fitness regime means I’ve been running a huge number of laps round my local park in a quest to fight the flab.

I frequently stop to catch my breath and find myself chatting to dog walkers.

I’ve noticed there seems to have been something of a canine revolution because all the usual familiar breeds such as Labradors, retrievers and Yorkies have now been replaced by designer crossbreeds.

These include the bizarrely-named Maltipoos (Maltese and poodle), Muggins (miniature pinscher and pug) and various other weird combinations.

On one exercise session I bent down to stroke a rather adorable pooch sporting a Union Flag bandana with leg warmers to match.

I asked what breed he was, only to be informed boastfully by the owner that he was a designer puggle and that the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Aniston apparently have one.

I smiled sweetly and continued my run, but I find it sad that to some, man’s best friend is just a fashion accessory that can be discarded once the craze has passed.

That’s another thing this ‘trend’ has also sparked, a whole new market for jewel-encrusted designer leads.

Yes, folks really do spend huge amounts to clad their mutt in trendy clobber.

On average a dog lives to about 13 and should be cared for responsibly, as should any pet. We should be a reliable companion to them, as they are to us.

Every animal is beautiful no matter what fashion dictates and people who buy a puppy or kitten for the sake of fashion shouldn’t own an animal at all.

I would also like to point out that one dog breed crossed with another is not a Labradoodle, a cockerpoo or even a shorkie. It’s a mongrel.

I can’t stand these mixed-up names and can’t believe why anyone would be stupid enough to fork out hundreds of pounds for these ‘designer’ animals. It’s ridiculous and just a way of breeders getting money out of gullible people who want a fashion accessory.

There are so many beautiful crossbreeds looking for good homes at your local rescue centre – so if you really want one, go and adopt one there.