A measured post which has trumped extremism

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It may have been written in a moment of frustration, but it was the perfect riposte to the crazed rantings of the man who would be president of the United States.

Chris Herbert’s measured Facebook post will have made many people, perhaps confused by the geo-politics of this terror-stricken world, sit up and re-think their prejudices.

We can but live in hope.

There are people who think the former soldier from Portsmouth had every right to join the Donald Trump school of repulsive, redneck extreme right-wingers.

For eight years ago Chris had his right leg blown off when he stepped on a mine in Iraq.

He has every right to still be bitter and it would not be so shocking if he was of a mind to ban Muslims from Britain, echoing Mr Trump’s call for the US to do the same.

In the first line of his social media post Chris says: ‘Yes. A Muslim man blew me up, and I lost my leg.’

But he then goes on to list seven other Muslims who variously fought with him, flew him to safety from the battlefield, operated to save his life and then helped him rebuild it.

Perhaps most poignantly he mentions the Muslim taxi driver who ‘gave me a free ride the first time I went for a beer with my Dad after I came home’.

Chris’s Facebook post has now gone viral, shared by more than 100,000 people around the world and viewed by many more.

The point he makes is that in these frenetic, if not frantic and paranoid post-Paris days, it is all too easy to brand every Muslim as a terrorist.

The vast majority of Britons are proud to live in a progressive multi-faith and multi-cultural society.

But what we must never do is confuse the word Muslim with Jihadist.