A nice surprise from our young

COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

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Something incredibly rare has been happening in the Hayden house over the past week.

In fact, it is so rare I think David Attenborough may want to come and film a documentary on this unlikely development.

He’s put the spotlight on what seems like every species in the animal kingdom over the years, so why not turn his attention to human children?

The unimaginable occurrence that has taken place, for which I am truly grateful, is we have all had a lie-in.

I know, shocking isn’t it? Putting the clocks forward seems to have had a strange effect on my two young daughters, and if it continues I may have to plug in the alarm clock that hasn’t been used since Caitlin was born.

For almost four years my daughters have awoken me from the land of nod with their noise – and normally in the hour that begins with a six.

I was shocked when I woke up recently and the hour began with an eight. I’m not complaining but getting two children bathed, fed and dressed and in their car seats in half-an-hour is not easy.